ASAN xidmət - Sumgait "ASAN service" center

Sumgait "ASAN service" center

Structure and staff:

Family name, name, patronymic name
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Jafarov Vugar Vagif 
 Acting director

Sabirli Ramal Seyidbaba 
 Deputy director

Work schedule:             
Sumgait “ASAN service” center operates on Monday - Friday from 10 am until 08 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am until 5 pm (without lunch break). Center serves to the citizens residing in the Absheron, Khizi, Siyazan, Shabran, Guba, Gusar, Khachmaz, Shamakhi and Gobustan districts along with the city of Sumgait. Applications are received directly by representatives of relevant state entities.

Republic of Azerbaijan, Sumgait city, 15th block Baku st. 42d

Email address:

Phone number: 
(+994 12) 108 ("Call" center); 

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